Dedan Kimathi University of Technology Directorate of Student Welfare Page

Better Life Through Technology


In order to promote the students’ welfare within their areas of residence, the University management has established seven residential sectors. For each residential sector the management has appointed a warden to take care of the students’ welfare in as follows.

  1. Dr. Juma Misiko                      Nyeri Town
  2. Ms. Penina Chege                   Catholic Hostels
  3. Dr. Benson Ongarora              Kichaka Sector (King’ong’o, Chania, Kamakwa)
  4. Mrs. Majory Nyaga                 Ladies in all Campuses
  5. Mr. Muchiri Njoki                   Show View Hostels
  6. Mr. Richard Koskei                Kimathi Campus Estate, Mathari, Embassy
  7. Mr. Patrick Kimari                  DeKUT Hostels and Kimathi Students Centre

The principal role of the wardens is to mentor students in their respective sectors to enable the students develop socially, as individuals and as a group. The aim of the warden system to expose all the students to campus life and experience, especially those living off campus, thereby fostering a sense of belonging among the students. This system promotes cohesion, and integration among students. It is also anticipated that it will enhance positive behavior and discipline among the students, which would consequently improve relationship between students and the community.

The wardenship has played an important role in increasing student participation in sports and games. It has also helped in empowering the female students through the ‘Empowered Me’ Program. The ladies receive mentorship from the female lecturers and staff.