DeKUT Directorate of Student Welfare

Better Life through Technology

Outdoor Adventure & Experiential Based Program

This program under the Dean of Students hosts the trendy “climb to Educate” initiative. Apart from providing logistical and technical information and skills to summit Africa’s second highest mountain, the Outdoor Section uses this opportunity to enhance integration and free communication among its participants. The training takes place along the handrails of Wilderness Education that includes environmental ethics and practices during hiking, climbing and camping expeditions. The activities incorporate single day excursions and also extended days in the wilderness.

This (outdoor) section also trains a few volunteering students in wilderness first-aid and Outdoor leadership  so as to be able to serve other Students and staff members as Outdoor instructors and guides during climbing expeditions and also recreational  excursions  in the local back-country.

During debrief sessions, the participants have confirmed about their achievements and appreciation in the following lessons and skill areas:-

•    Organization,
•    Thoroughness,
•    Preparedness,
•    Taking care of themselves
•    Positive expedition behavior,
•    Judgment and decision making,
•    Letting go of seemingly important things,
•    Perseverance at difficult things,
•    Learning to use new tools and equipment,
•    Living simply.

So far more than 1000 students and staff members have participated in the program, including 475 participants for Mt. Kenya climbing alone and more than 700 for other excursions, including repeat visitors.

Mwai Kennedy,
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