DeKUT Directorate of Student Welfare

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Recognition awards

The University has established some mechanisms to recognize students with exemplary performance in academic and co-curricular activities. The Directorate of Student Welfare is responsible for identifying and recommending students who perform well in co-curricular activities, community service, club activities, etc. The categories covered include;

1.Best leadership skills,                                

2.Peer counseling awards

3.Organizational skills,

4.Extra mile,

5.Service to the community,

6.Best female athlete,

7.Best male athlete,

8.Best performing teams,

9.Best/most active social clubs,

10.Best/most active academic clubs

11.Ambassadors Award

12.Talent Award



Recognition Awards Awardees from Directorate of Students Welfare

  1. Recognition Awards Awardees 2018
  2. Recognition Awards Awardees 2017
  3. Recognition Awards Awardees 2016