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Recognition awards

The University has established some mechanisms to recognize students with exemplary performance in academic and co-curricular activities. The Student Welfare Division is responsible for identifying and recommending students who perform well in co-curricular activities, community service, club activities, etc. The categories covered include;

1.Best leadership skills,                                

2.Peer counseling awards

3.Organizational skills,

4.Extra mile,

5.Service to the community,

6.Best female athlete,

7.Best male athlete,

8.Best performing teams,

9.Best/most active social clubs,

10.Best/most active academic clubs

11.Ambassadors Award

12.Talent Award



Nominees for award in non-academic categories from Directorate of Students Welfare October 2016

Category  Name   Reg. No Cell Phone Achievement

Clubs and Societies



Computer Society of Kimathi

  • Organized Softaware Development Challenge and the winner was a group known as Softballot.
  • Organized Nyeri Civic Hack , the first in East Africa
  • Participated during the launch of DeHUB
  • Organizes weekly meet-ups where members are taught the various languages
  • Participates in charity activities examples Huruma Children’s home
  • Participated in a career talk and marketing of the University at Mugoiri Girls’ High Sch, Kiharu on 28th May 2014.
  • A visit to Kantara Children’s Home on April 2014, donated bars of soap, bales of Unga, 25kg rice, clothes. Also helped in cleaning and fetching firewood.
  • Food relief initiative in March 2015 in Kiharu, Murang’a. They donated items worth Ksh. 12,000.
  • High School Motivation in Mathioya Constituency -Njumbi High School on 20th June 2015
  • Financial aid toward their fellow student after thieves broke into her house. Ksh. 4,500 was contributed.
  • A visit to Faraja Children’s home on 8th Aug, 2015. Donated items worth Ksh. 6,700 and assisted in internal chores.
   Young Savers    
  • Organized dinner that raised Ksh. 35,000
  • Organized visit to New Life Children’s home
  • Organized training facilitated by Standard Chartered Bank
  • Members participated in an International Conference on African Liberation efforts (MAU Mau) on 18th-20thth February, 2015
  • Participates in mentorship programmes in Riamukuruwe Primary School and King’ong’o Primary School. Planted trees in Riamukuruwe Primary School.
  • They assist students with financial challenges e.g with short term loans.
Talents Award

Donald Ngugi

Shelton Ochieng

Michael Makau








The team has developed Electruxxanimations, a 3D animation unit using autodesk maya program

  Benjamin Mwangi E032-01-0899/2013 0705661846
  • He is talented in music and he trains the University choir and the CA choir.
  • He is able to read musical notes and translate them to a melody
  • He also trained the group that sang the University Anthem.
  Newton Ndung’u  B012-02-0168/2014  0718179534
  • Coach- currently coaching the ladies handball team town campus.
  • Captain handball team- town campus
  • Chairman and the founder of the young Savers.
  • lead the club since may 2014 to date
  • Participated in every club activity
  • Training on financial management by standard chartered manager Nyeri.
  • Visited new life home trust
  • Tree planting day and mentorship of class 7 and 8 pupils in Riamukurwe Primary School.
  • A member in the Dedan Kimathi university student management committee in town campus.
  • A class representative BBA 2014 may intake- currently in 2012.
  • Organized for a successful dinner in town


Most active Sector



Ladies’ sector

  • Annexed under empowered women’s club
  • Hold bi-weekly meeting with female students both in main and town campuses on topics promoting their welfare, academic excellence, health etc occasionally facilitated by guest speakers courtesy of counselors from the office of the dean
  • Mobilizes funds towards charity work. In particular they made visits to Women in King’ong’o Prison where they mingled with the inmates in sports, words of encouragement and gifts.
  • Award active members with certificate of merit
  • Created a whatsapp portal where they chat sharing our experiences, the do and don’ts as women of integrity.
  • Visited Kanjuri High School in July 2014 where they had a career talk, played soccer, awarded the best Kanjuri player with Ksh. 6,000 contributed by the warden and the students. They planted trees, presented trophy from DeKUT to the school and marketed DeKUT to the students.
  • Playing with the community teams (Shama and Kamakwa) - started on 2nd August 2015 and have played 2 games so far. The event is scheduled to take place every weekend. This will foster integration with the community.
  • Invited other sectors to play soccer against them and have played 2 games so far with Mathari Sector on 26th July, 2015.
  • Visiting children’s homes
  • Organizing games and sports within KICHAKA and involving local community.
  • Mentoring high school students within the county.
  • Participating in town cleaning services.
  • Visiting high schools
  • Participating in tree planting activities.
  Nyeri Town Sector    
  • Establishment of a comprehensive students register and mapping out of the Nyeri Town’s Accommodation sections.
  • This   exercise was conducted by students   from the sector, who visited   identified hostels to capture   house/hostel coordinates using Juno SB Trimble GPS.
  • The sector warden facilitated students’ transport while IGGReS provided necessary   equipment to the   researchers.
  • The   collected data was   analysed through   the   use of Global   mapped software, AutoCAD software and Google earth.
  • The output was a beautiful map depicting students spread out in Nyeri town accommodation sector
Extra-mile Award Lawrence King’ori B010-0381/2012 0728831813
  • Class representative of B.Com fourth year since first year
  • He has led his classmates to contribute for a student who has not been able to pay his school fees. The proposal is to clear bushes in the conservancy at a fee.
  • He is soliciting for funds from the students and well wishers in creating the DeKUT Endowment fund kitty, so far approximately Ksh. 13, 000 has been raised from the students who have participated in excursions.
  • He was the secretary for the opinion leaders group that brought about peace after the unrest in 2014.
  • He heads the Nakuru County Kimathi Students Association.
  Brian Mugo C025-0092/2012 0708485484
  • Was a member of the Positive Comrades Group that spearheaded bringing peace in the University after the strike in 2014
  • Was a member of the Committee that facilitated the formation of the Interim Student Council.
  • Participated in the planning and execution of the prayers for Garissa University Victims.
  • Brought together a group of students to be trained for self-defense skills and they are proceeding to Nairobi to be trained on Disaster Management.
  • Volunteered to be a member of the pioneer committee to spearhead campaign against ADA in DeKUT.
  • Chair Nelions’ Rovers Club
  • Lead the above club to be the most active Club in Nyeri County
  • Due to the award, he was awarded the Scouts Presidential Award by H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta-the fist Student in the University to receive such an award
  • Due to his leadership skills in the University he has been incorporated in the Nyeri County Celebrations Committee and he is the chair of the youths in Nyeri Sub-County
  Ronald Koech B012-0561/2012 0715426980
  • Volunteered to train the Climb to educate group on physical fitness and good expedition behaviors.
  • The class representative of Project Management option in BBA fourth year.
  • Member of the steering committee of DeKIRISA outreach initiative
  • Captain of the Athletics Club of DeKUT

Leadership/organizational Award

Wycliffe Muriuki E021-1196/2011 0717326854
  • Chair Logistics Committee for Climb to Educate Initiative
  • Professional Development Director for the Rotaract Club
  • Former Chair of Robotics Club
  • Organizing secretary of KICHAKA Residential Sector
  • Kitty and Equipment Secretary for the Touch Crew International
  • Former captain of Lawn Tennis
  Stella Chelangat E032-1099/2012 0724069072
  • C.U first Vice Chair
  • Chair Mt. Kenya Publicity Committee
  • GIS Fourth year class representative
  • Former C.U Secretary
  Caroline Njoroge E022-1239/2011 0722427223
  • Was a member of the Students’ Endowment Committee
  • Was the president of the Computer Society of Kimathi which organized the Software Development Competition (SDC)
  • Coordinating meet-ups
  • Organized King’ong’o Cleanup where 135 students and community members participated
  • Organized a the first ever trip to KESAL with the class representatives for a training
All-round Award Darius Mindu E020-1157/2011 0713017634
  • Chair Climb to Educate Initiative season 2
  • Charter president of the Rotaract Club DeKUT
  • Founder of German Language discussion forum
  • Advisor and immediate chief assessor to the President’s Award Scheme-DeKUT Unit.
  • A National Assessor with the President’s Award Kenya secretariat.
  • Negotiator during the 2014 students’ unrest which led to positive comradeship, ideology and formation of the Interim Student Council.
  • Mentoring of junior students on leadership.
  Rachael Warukira Chege B010-0034/2013 0700222308
  • Secretary to Kimathi Anti-drug Committee
  • Motivation speaking to high school, Giakanja, Ihururu, Muthuaini.
  • Chairperson in Scouting Club in Town Campus
  • Does choral verses and poems
  • Class representative 3rd year.
  • Participated in town cleaning and Blood donation
  • Member of C.U member, Red cross, ‘Empowered Me’ and University Choir
  Rombosia William B010-01-0305/2014 0707605978
  • Volunteered to be a member of the pioneer committee to spearhead campaign against ADA in DeKUT.
  • Chairperson of Drama Club
  • Assistant Captain Handball
  • Member Rotaract Club
  • Member of University Choir
  • Member of CA Choir
  • Active member of Climb to Educate publicity Committee

Service to

Community Award

Presidential Award    
  • As the DeKUT Presidents Award family we have engaged in various activities as a way of giving back to the community, Examples:
  • Community service activities at King’ong’o Max. Prison every alternate Saturday (on-going), motivation talk, teaching, mentorship & donations.
  • Upgrading play ground at Ngala School for the Deaf, Nakuru.
  • Mentorship & donation activities at Thunguma Children’s home
  • Construction of a pit latrine at Ngala Sch for the deaf, Nakuru
  • Participation in tree planting initiative @ Naromoru
  • Donating food stuff to Little Carols Foundation –Nyeri
  • Town cleaning ( Nyeri town & governor’s offices)
  • Mentorship & donation activity with street urchins in Nyeri Town
  • Hospital clean up (Nyeri P.G.H)
  St. Johns Ambulance    
  • Some of the activities undertaken by St. John Ambulance Club members as Service to the community include trained members offering First Aid during the :-
  • First Climb to Educate Campaign
  • Beatification ceremony held at DeKUT grounds
  • DeKUT Graduation ceremony as they worked under Dr. Macharia’s supervision
  • Interfaculty school games
  • DeKUT opens with the DeKUT Ambulance team
  • They also washed the medical Centre and planted some tees at the same venue to commemorate the event
  • Hosted the St. John’s Ambulance Cup (Football Tournament)
  • Visited Upendo Children’s home taking with them donations of foodstuff and clothes.
  • Continue to offer first aid to those training for the second my. Kenya expedition and offered first aid tips to Rotaract club members
  Red-Cross-Town Campus    
  • First Aid and crowd management in:

a] in Gikondi Mukurwe-ini

b] in Dedan Kimathi during Beautification

  • First Aid Training
  • Madaraka day: crowd control in Dedan Kimathi Stadium
  • Participated in World Blood Donation Campaign Day 14th June
  • Fire and disaster management and community service
  • Helped put out fire at a furniture business premises
  • Attended injured
  • Volunteered to clean Ruringu town and Red Cross Head quarters
  • Organized Town Campus Blood Donation
  Nelion Rovers Scouts    
  • Community Service- in the University, local community e.g. King’ong’o cleaning on July 2015 and Mt. Kenya Hospital n quarterly basis.
  • Spearheaded fight against Drugs Abuse amongst the students and community at large from March 2015 onwards.
  • Participating in National Events e.g. Madaraka Day as Match past parade in Dedan Kimathi Stadium.
  • Participating in most of the University activities e.g. Climb to Educate, sister Irene’s Beatification ceremony and the 3rd graduation ceremony in crowd control and management.
  • Organizing social integration students activities e.g. bonfire at Farm House on 7th August 2015
  • Participating as first aiders in the University and Climb to educate exercise.



Ngesa Naphtaly Marvine E020-01-0662/2013 0727668102
  • Successfully used his phone and available materials to make Dedan Kimathi University a documentary.
  • The current Intel Student Ambassador. He successfully lobbied Arduino (a US chip maker) to organize the first East Africa Arduino Day event. Similar event also took in Boston (USA) at MIT, in Torino (Italy) at Officine Arduino, inMalmo (Sweden) at Arduino Verkstad, in Budapest (Hungary) at Arduino Hungary, and in Bangalore (India) at Arduino Karkhana and other parts of the world. The East and Central Africa was hosted by Intel at DeKUT team at the Dedan Kimathi University of Technology.
  • He initiated talks with IBM (International Business Machine) company to partner with Dedan Kimathi University. The talks are near completion.
  • He is the current Google Student Developer Group Lead (GDG Kimathi University). Organized google Devfest Nyeri 2014 and Google I/O 2015.
  • He organized the Computer Society of Kimathi Huruma Children’s Home visit in May this year.
  • He represented Dedan Kimathi University at the Pivot East 2015 Competition. He competed against teams from Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania…Soft Ballot his project was chosen as one of the East Africa25 best.
  • He is currently representing Dedan Kimathi University at the Lions of Science 2015 event with an Electronic Intelligent Voting Machine project.
  David Mwangi Gitau F060-0806/2012 0729727794
  • In third year, he won an essay writing competition in the whole of Africa concerning the potentiality of agriculture in solving food insecurity in the continent.
  • He is an active member of the Climb to Educate group.
  • Participated in the pre-global summit at KICC on 22nd-23rd July, 2015
  • Wesley Akonya
Newton Mwai





  • They won first position in Lion’s of Science Award for Auto Aqua Pump Controller Invention, a national award involving all universities and colleges in Kenya.
  • Participated in the pre-global summit at KICC on 22nd-23rd July, 2015

Best Teams(Male)

3rd  Soccer Martin Komu E020-075/2011 0716958067
  • Position 1 currently in the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) Nyeri County Soccer league
  • Expected to be promoted to the Provisional League next season 2015/2016
2nd Table Tennis Kiptoo Martin E031-1064/2012 0707266538 Won during the Kenya Central Sports Association (KUSA) Central Conference sports championship at Meru University
1st Basketball Thomas Kioko- Captain B011-1274/12 0702261197
  • Have won in all the KUSA Central Conference League matches that have played
  • Best team in the Central Conference
  • 8th best team in Kenya during the Kenya National Zuku League
Best Teams (Female)        
3rd Soccer Faith Njeri - Captain N001-0761/12 0718515167
  • Position 4 at KUSA Central Conference Series at Machakos University
  • Position 1 at KUSA Central Conference series held at DeKUT
 2nd Hockey  Jacinta Mathungu  B010-01-1445/13  0705504241  
  • Position 2 at KUSA Central Conference series at Murang’a University
  • Position 1 at KUSA Central Conference series(Women Championship) at DeKUT
1st Basketball Claris Mungatie E021-1560/2011 0713182589 Won in all the KUSA Central Conference series apart from one at SEKU where they emerged position 2 behind Machakos University College
Best Sportsman        
3rd Position Christopher Katimbwa E021-0635/2011 0719554307 Won the highest points tally in all the matches and series during the KUSA Central Conference ZUKU league
2nd Position Ben Tiba T192-0015/2012 0703979570 Best Player in the inaugural KUSA – Central Conference Pool championship at Meru University
1st Position Joseph Tahara Taka B010-01-0310/2014 0707127501
  • Position 3 in 800m and 1500m at KUSA Central Conference CC Athletics championship at Embu University
  • Position 1 in the Nyeri County Athletics championship in Javelin
  • Represented Nyeri in Javelin along the AK regional held at Ruringu Stadium –Nyeri.
Best Sportswoman        
3rd Position Esther Wamuyu B011-02-1403/2014 0719762542 Best darts player during the inaugural KUSA –CC darts championship at Meru University
2nd Position Anne Mwangi E021-0911/2011 0700173571
  • Position 1 at the KUSA Central Conference Championship in Table Tennis singles held at Meru University
  • Position 1 at the KUSA Central Conference Championship in the Table Tennis doubles held at Meru University.
1st Position Catherine Wacera B010-0008/2013 0705281353
  • Performance during KUSA – Central Conference Athletics Championship at Embu University
    • 5th Position – long jump
  • Race  - 2nd Position – 800 m
    • 1st Position – 1500 m
    • 1st Position – 3000m
    • 1st Position -5000m
  • Won 28 points individually for DeKUT Team.
  • A member of the Kenya Universities Team during the Athletics Kenya competitions at Safaricom Stadium, Kasarani during Team Kenya for the Beijing, China World Athletics Championship Selection 2015.