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The Students’ Welfare Services at DeKUT are provided and managed under the Student Welfare Directorate (SWD), a directorate which is as old as the University itself. The Directorate was established as soon as the University admitted its first JAB students as a Constituent College of JKUAT in the year 2007. The primary responsibility of the Directorate is to cater for students’ welfare from the time they join the University until they graduate. It co-ordinates all the activities involving students, and addresses issues or matters that affect students’ well-being, be they personal, academic, social or economic. Therefore, the Directorate plays a very central role in the students’ learning and development at the University, which consequently advance the achievement of DeKUT’s mission.

The Services Provided by the Directorate

The Student Welfare Directorate provides numerous services aimed at promoting the welfare of the ever-growing students’ population at the University’s three campuses namely the Main Campus, the Nyeri Town Campus and the Nairobi CBD Campus. The Directorate facilitates the provision of the following services to DeKUT students and/or staff:

a. Guidance and Counseling,

b. Spiritual Guidance,

c. Games and Sports,

d. Matter of Students Congress - DeKUTSO,

e. Clubs and Societies,

f.  Work Study Placement,

g. Internal Accommodation,

h. External Accommodation,

i.  University Bursary Scheme,

j. Recognition Awards,

k.Residential Sector Wardens,

l. Entertainment and Recreation,

m. Career Guidance,

n. Students’ Special Needs,

o. Orientation Programme for new students,

p. Social work, etc.

All the above services are provided through four departments/sections namely, the Deans of Students Office, the Counseling Department, the Sports and Games Department, and the Chaplaincy Department. The Directorate also works in liaison with other departments within the University in addressing students’ matters such as the medical services, catering services, transport services, student financial services and so forth. It also acts as the link between the University management and the students.