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University Bursary Scheme

Every year, the Directorate of Students’ Welfare plays a significant role in identifying and recommending financially challenged students for the award of internal bursaries offered by the University. The bursaries for needy students enrolled into DeKUT programmes are awarded based on the need of applicants. The DSW has developed the University bursary guidelines.


Before filling this application form, please read these guidelines carefully.

  1. You are required to fill in all spaces as provided.
  2. Incomplete bursary application form will not be processed.
  3. The bursary is awarded to a bonafide needy/financially challenged DeKUT students only.
  4. The bursary fund shall cater for tuition fee only. Bursary awards shall not be transferable and cannot be converted to cash payment to the applicant.
  5. Where documentary evidence is not provided, the form will not be processed. Recommendation letters from relevant offices e.g. chief, religious leaders and other institutions may be provided where necessary.
  6. All information provided will be cross-checked against information from other official public sourc
  7. The information from the applicant will be held with utmost confidentiality but the Bursary Committee reserves the right to verify it where it deems appropriat
  8. For any future correspondence with DeKUT the applicant must quote the student registration number along with the course name, contact, School and Department. Successful applicants shall be notifies through university notice board or website.
  9. The bursary support may be re-called in case a student is engaged in a general misconduct or examination irregularity.


Filling and submitting of this bursary award application form does not in any way guarantee the applicant the award.

Download the 2019 Bursary Form HERE