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External Accommodation

It is the University policy to work closely with investors who provide accommodation to the DeKUT students. About 90% of the University’s student population is accommodated off campus. The University, through the Student Welfare Directorate, has an elaborate system of identifying and accrediting private hostels subject to meeting certain criteria set by the relevant government departments. So far, the University has accredited thirteen (13) private hostels in different parts of Nyeri Town.

Internal Accommodation

It is the government policy that admissions into public universities should not pegged on available accommodation space. Of about 6500 students, the University can barely accommodate 152 ladies and 246 men, making the total available spaces to be 398. The Student Welfare Directorate is tasked with the allocation process. Room allocation for the University Hostels is exclusively reserved for the first year KUCCPS (previously known as JAB) students to give them a soft landing. They are required to move out of the Hostels upon completion of the first year.

Allocation is based on first come first served basis while students with special conditions such as medical, disability, physical challenges etc. are also considered. The cost of accommodation is Ksh. 5,000 per student per semester.



The following are the accredited hostels.

  Name of hostel Location Contact
 1. Arch bishop Kirima Memorial(AKM) Kimathi Campus Estate 0700088875
 2. Sunrise Show view estate 0727159817 (Gakuo)
 3. Mimshack Hostel Show View Estate 0727290061 (Salome)
 4. Addison Show view estate  
 5. Prestige ladies Town 0714485884
 6. Prestige Men Town 0714485884
 7. Josani Ladies Town 0713622473
 8. Silver Men’s Hostel Kamakwa

0788258054 Sylvester-owner


 9. Kingz Hostel Embassy 0725520216
 10. Jutimar Estate Embassy  
 11. Mary’s Hostel Kimathi Campus Estate 0722439372
 12. Angie’s Hostel Kimathi Campus Estate 0722402349
 13. Seline’s Hostel Kimathi Campus Estate 0722632527
 14. Kimathi Students Centre DeKUT Vicinity



 15. La Duvet Show View Estate

0722676071 (Ken -Owner)

0718862632 (Lina- Manager)

 16. Ken’s Hostels Show View Estate


0729791641 Ken-Owner