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President's Award Scheme DeKUT Unit Report on the visit to our Heroin Mrs. Mukami Kimathi

When Kenyan history is written, Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi forms part of it and through him we meet Mrs.  Mukami Kimathi. The embodiment of a real Kenyan woman.  A  true  example of what sacrifice entails and also the power and roles women hold  in our country. She is our beloved grandmother, through her ,freedom was born in our borders and up to date we enjoy the fruits of her labor.                                                                                                                            

Mrs. Mukami

No  words  are  worth  to  tell  what  she  went  through,  only  through  her  eyes  that  you get  a  glimpse  of  the  struggle  and  the  joy  of  the aftermath.  For  the  scars that we bear,  they  are indeed the  symbols  that  we  are  winners  and  our  own strength.  Her’s is a tale that will live for posterity.  As Kenyans, we will always be indebted to her.

When Kenyan history is written, Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi forms part of it and through him we meet Mrs.  Mukami Kimathi.  The embodiment of a real Kenyan woman.  A  true  example  of  what  sacrifice entails   and   also   the   power   and   roles   women   hold   in   our   country.   She   is   our   beloved grandmother, through  her ,  freedom  was  born  in  our  borders  and  up  to  date  we  enjoy  the  fruits of  her  labor. The   week   starting   15th  -   21st     February   2016   was   The   Kimathi   Week.  

In   Dedan   Kimathi University  of  Technology,  this  is  the  week  we  commemorate  the  death  of  our  freedom  fighter Field  Marshal  Dedan  Kimathi  as  his  struggle  for  the  Kenyan  independence.  And  to  cap  it  up, The  President’s  Award  DeKUT  Chapter  in  conjunction  with  St. John  Ambulance  DeKUT  Unit organized   a   visit   to   the   widow   of   the   Freedom   Fighter,   Mrs.   Mukami Kimathi.   We   were privileged  to  be  accompanied  by   The  Dean  Of  Students,  Mr.  Kaimoe.  We  also  had  other  staff members  from  the  Security  Department  and  the  House  Keeping  Department  from   the  institution. The University Management facilitated transport.


We departed from the University at around 7.00 a.m.  The journey took around five hours.We arrived around  midday. We  were  welcomed  by  the  family  of  the  Heroin  Mrs. Mukami  Kimathi. The atmosphere around the home was peaceful.  The  day’s  program  started  with  an  introduction  of  the family  members  and  also  the Dean of Students, Mr. Kaimoe did an introduction of the DeKUT staff during the visit  . Prayers and preaching session were   led by Wycliffe Muriuki.  We then presented our gifts to Mrs.  Mukami  Kimathi,  after  which  she  cut the  cake  in  which  we  all  shared.  We partook a meal prepared by the family.  Pupils  from     Kimathi  Primary  School  and  Kimathi  Nursery  School were  also  present.  We  had  fun  games  with  the  pupils  and  the  children  as  Mrs.  Mukami Kimathi watched and she expressed her joy in watching us.

 Before we could call it a day, Mrs.  Mukami gave her remarks and   urged  us  to  ensure that we excel in our studies  for purposes of  bettering  our  future  and that of  our  country. She lay emphasis on obeying authority. She also advised us not to indulge in drugs. She  stressed out   on   unity  of the   Country  and not  to  be  divided  on  tribal  lines  or  political  affiliations.  For  the  land  we  hold  dear,  she  planted a  tree  with us to  signify the  beauty of  our  freedom.

“The greatest obstacle to being heroic is the doubt whether one may not be going to prove one's self a fool; the truest heroism is, to resist the doubt; and the profoundest wisdom, to know when it ought to be resisted, and when to be obeyed.” Nathaniel Hawthorne

Dean and students giving a present to Mrs. Mukami

The Dean and students present a gift to Mrs. Kimathi

Hinga Maina

Assistant Patron