DeKUT Directorate of Student Welfare

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The Director of Students Welfare facilitates the election of students’ leaders in conjunction with the Schools Committee.The duly elected officials are taken through leadership training after which they are expected to prepare their annual budget and submit it to the management for approval. DeKUTSO constitution was promulgated on 31st August, 2015.

The current office holders of DeKUTSO are:

Dennis kimutai - Chairperson

Dennis Kimutai

Dennis kimutai is a fourth year student pursuing bachelor of science in electrical and electronics engineering at Dedan kimathi university of technology. He joined the university in the year 2019 immediately after completion of his secondary school education.Since he joined the university, he has exhibited high degree of influence among his peers and colleague students. He has the ability to identify himself with every kind of student in the university. He vied for DeKUTSO Chairperson's position in the year 2021 and and won the elections. He served diligently and with alot of integrity. Having been an exemplary student leader in the year 2021, he was able to clinch to that high student leadership position for the second time in the year 2022 and became the first DeKUTSO president to be re-elected by the students of the university. As the chairman of the students' council,he is the overall administrator of DeKUTSO and represents the students in the university senate. Being a member of public relations,he has always portrayed a good image of the university. He has proved beyond doubt that he is a selfless, competent and ebullient leader who can contribute to the national development. 

Dennis kimutai can be reached via mobile number 0112338990 , 0741087430 or email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Irene Kavele Mbithi - Vice Chairperson

Irene Kavele Mbithi

 I’m Irene Kavele Mbithi a 4th year student pursuing Bachelor of Commerce, Finance option. Before vying for the position of DeKUTSO vice chairperson I was the chairperson of the Accounting and Finance Student Association of DeKUT. This is where most students noticed my leadership skills and encouraged me to go for the DeKUTSO vice chairperson.

Focus, hard work, resilient and persistency are the core principles that me give a confidence of delivery as the elected vice chair. I am a student leader who is goal-oriented and fully determined to learn new leadership skills and service delivery to students. My ambitions are very clear and my commitment to the administration and students of DeKUT.

Studying at DeKUT is a great experience where students get quality education and they are able to complete their courses on time without compromising the quality.

Irene can be reached via mobile number 0743473649 or email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Okumu Nafuna Clare - Gender & Disability Mainstreaming Secretary

Okumu Nafuna Clare


Okumu is a second year student pursuing B.ED Civil Engineering. She decided to vie for the position of Gender and Disability Mainstreaming Secretary because she wanted to have a platform to champion and spearhead the empowerment and mentorship of both the girl chid and boy child. She also wanted to get a chance of looking into student affairs as far as gender equality and equity are concerned. Full of humanity, Okumu wanted to have a chance of acting as bridge between students living with disabilities and the office in charge so as these students have a full representation in all aspects for their smooth facilitation. She is also a peer counselor, making it easier for him to counsel students well on matters arising and also handling students well.

Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that the impact lasts in your absence,it's about impact, influence and inspiration not the title.

She can be reached via mobile number 0701823000 , 0790600097 or email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dancan Mumo – Secretary General

Dancan Mumo

Mumo is a fourth year student pursuing BSc Mechanical Engineering. He was re-elected after serving as Sports, Security and Entertainment Secretary in DeKUTSO 2021/2022 Student Council for his tremendous zeal and ability to perceive the rectitude in student’s fraternity. This inspired him to plump for the Secretary General of DeKUTSO. Given how supportive the university ecosystem is, it is his hope that every student would graduate on time and enjoy the stay. He presides over the Health, Accommodation and Catering Committee currently. On matters involving his peers, he serves as an ambassador for peer education and peer counseling. Among other responsibilities he serves as the spokesperson in all matters pertaining to DeKUTSO and represents them in the University Senate. The Secretary General communicates officially to DeKUTSO members of all resolutions made by the Students’ Council. Besides serving in this position, he is a member of ADA club, Peer Counselor.

“Learning is a process, and I believe that learning began the moment we were born and that everyone has an equal chance to unlock their deepest subconscious thoughts and aspirations in order to realize their full potential.” – Dancan Mumo

You can reach Mumo via Mobile number 0759822730 or email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nabaala Stanley - Sports, security and Entertainment Secretary

Nabaala Stanley

Nabaala is a 3rd year student pursuing Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Before vying for the DeKUTSO Sports, Security and Entertainment Secretary, Nabaala was a class representative and organizing Secretary for DeKUT Nursing Student Association (DeKUTSNA) and could always organize various activities for the association in a well coordinated manner. Vastly he has improved the communication between the student and the lecturers in his class and department at large. He is tasked to coordinate sports, security and entertainment matters, develop sports, games and entertainment policies and liaising with Directorate of Students Welfare , university sports and games department and the Chaplaincy office to ensure members welfare pertaining to sports, games, entertainment and spiritual matters.


DeKUT is a serene place for studies. I am grateful and humbled being a DeKUT student.

Nabaala can be reached via mobile number 0797429053 or email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To learn more about the students’ council responsibilities, electoral process and requirements and DeKUTSO membership, access the constitution here DeKUTSO Constitution