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Climb to Educate

climb to educate

Directorate’s Outdoor Adventure Activities:  

The University through the Directorate of Students’ Welfare is once again preparing to conduct our 5th Season of Climb to Educate, Mt. Kenya Climbing event. The undertaking shall be implemented in two separate phases i.e. Expedition 11 scheduled for End of May, 2018 and Expedition 12 in Mid September.

Each expedition shall accommodate 80 participants. 60 spaces are expected to be filled in by our continuing students while the other 20 shall be open to participation from our Alumni, Students from other Universities and corporate friends of DeKUT. The latter shall attract participation fees.

climb to educate1

Training for Season 5 has been on-going since mid January. The participants have been Students from Nursing, Various S.S.P courses and a few students on internal and nearby attachments. The diverse group has been attending evening fitness exercises every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and also Team Building activities. The group has also accomplished four (4) training excursions as the table below portrays, thereby exhausting two thirds of the training curriculum.

Schedule of Outdoor Excursions January-June, 2018.






Feb; 03/2018

Chinga Dam/Tea factory


Community dynamics

Tea farming/Processing

64 students

3 Staff



Nyana Hills

- Diversity, Integration 
-climbing techniques

-Scenery, conservation of water catchment areas. Natural history

66 students

3 staff

1 DeKUT friend

1 local resource psn




Hiking & Environmental skills

Land management

65 students

1 Staff

1 DeKUT Friend


March 17th 2018

Solio ranch

Environmental Issues

Wind-power generation

Endurance hiking


62 students

2 staff

1 local resource psn


April 14th, 2018

Nyana/ Hombe/ Ragati hike 

Natural history

Environmental hike



May 5th, 2018

Gathiuru Link Road

Hike for conditioning & endurance. Climbing preps


May 12th, 2018

Nyeri Hill

First years orientation hike


May 19th, 2018

Longonot Hike

Season 5 training


May 31st , 2018

Mt. Kenya

Exp. 11

Season 5 group 1

80 participants


Challenge Course Activities :-

  • These are experiential based activities conducted at the University Challenge course by the Directorate for the purposes of developing skills in problem solving, Cooperation, Trust and Communication.
  • The facilitator orchestrates meaningful hands-on experiences that challenge the group both physically and emotionally. When reflected upon, the the raw experience matures into useful applicable and transferrable knowledge and skills.

The challenges can be grouped into 3 categories, Viz:-

  1. I. Low rope
  2. II. High rope
  3. III. Minimum and no-prop activities

Below are samples of the 3 categories that have become very popular with our students:

The Wild Woozy:

wild woozy1 wild woozy2 wild woozy3

The Mohawk walk

mohawk walk