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Stress Management

How many times have you heard someone say, “I am so stressed!”? Or when was the last time you said that yourself?
Individuals experience stress when they find that their coping abilities are being strained or threatened. Different people experience stress differently.

What causes stress?


Stressors are those aspects of the environment which cause a stressful reaction in the individual. For example students may find different aspects of their university experience as stressful such as finding accommodation, obtaining financial aid or even preparing for exams. These aspects would then be the stressors.


Stressors also vary from individual to individual. For instance one person may find that preparing for an exam as stressful while another person may find trying to be assertive in a relationship as stressful.

What are the different signs of stress?


Physical Emotional Mental Behavioural
Headaches Irritability Memory failure Restlessness
Tiredness Feeling tense Worrying Substance abuse
Weight loss Demotivation Overthinking Lying
Nausea Tearful Indecisiveness    Withdrawing
Frequent illness Anger Impulsive decision making Loss or increase in appetite
Irritation Low self-esteem Nightmares Prone to accidents


How do I manage stress?
Luckily, there are different techniques (listed below) that one can use to manage stress!
Feel free to visit the DeKUT counseling centre if you require further information or you would like to discuss ways on managing stress.


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