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Being in healthy relationships refers to feeling socially integrated, cared about and supported by others as well as satisfied with your social connections.
The ultimate truth about relationships: Caring + Confrontation = Growth

The components of caring are:
•    Using positive body language: Use the acronym FELORI
>    F = Face the other person
>    E = Make Eye contact
>    L = Lean slightly towards the other person
>    O= Open body posture
>    R = Be Relaxed
>    I = Show Interest

•    Really hearing what someone is saying and showing it. How do I make sure I have heard? How do I show that I have heard?
>    Use a technique called “Reflection” – like holding up a mirror in which the other person’s situation / thoughts / feelings are reflected
>    Every “message” has:
-     Verbal content (what the person is actually saying with their words)
-     Non-verbal content (what you gather through their body language etc.)
>    Summarize what you have heard the other person say – reflect:
-     the situation
-     the thoughts/feelings
-     What you pick up from their non-verbal communication (body language, facial expression, tone of voice, etc.)
>    Reflection gives the other person the opportunity to correct and deepen your understanding, and communicates that you have really heard and understood them
•    Positive feedback: Giving positive feedback is a nice way of reaffirming others and making them feel valued and appreciated

Confrontation refers to:
>    Being open and honest, even if it means giving “negative” feedback
>    Don’t just “complain” – suggest a more acceptable alternative
>    Communicate your needs, wants, thoughts and feelings clearly and honestly
>    Do it in a nice way – Remember, treat others as you would like them to treat you
Remember that both caring and confrontation go hand in hand in improving your relationships.


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