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Tips for Exam Success


Ensure the study area is uncluttered and provides a calm environment

>Revision time table
Break revision periods into manageable chunks and find enough time to relax and sleep.

>Your 'to do list'
Stay focused, plan a to do list for the day and don't carry items over to the next day to complete.

>Take regular breaks
If you feel worried or panicking, take a short break, try thinking positively, manage the emotions and practice breathing techniques - hopefully you will be more relaxed and able to focus when you start studying again.

>Diet and exercise
Eating healthy food and drinking water at regular intervals throughout the day will maintain your energy levels and concentration. Avoid too much coffee, tea or 'energy' drinks, as the caffeine can make you feel agitated and stop you sleeping. Exercising regularly will also release adrenalin, help to clear your mind and reduce stress.


>Get a study partner/partners
Establish how best you study either individually or in groups.  If in groups, it is important to have someone or even a group of people to encourage you when preparing for exams. They can act as your prompters or checks and help you stick to your study plan and ensure that you don’t get distracted by external factors. Ensure you get a group of likeminded friends who want to achieve the same goal as you and study with them. Apart from acting as a check, your study partners each have individual knowledge that can be brought to the table that would help you in developing a deeper understanding of whatever it is that you are learning.  

>Do not be Afraid!!!
Don’t stress, and don’t panic. Be confident that you have done adequate reading.  The night before your exam, be calm and have adequate rest so that you would be well energized and active enough to pour out all that you have studied.

 Go through past questions and questions at the end of each chapter in the course text and alternative readings. These gives guidance on the type of questions that are asked, the details and content focused on and help with prediction on questions likely to be asked. They also help you know how well you have studied a particular subject or area as you would be able to use the questions to test your knowledge.

Never be too shy and afraid to ask for help when in doubt. It is better to ask for clarification on any questions you may have than to leave them unattended and not know how to answer them in the exams.

Should you have challenges working out this or attaining your desired goals, feel free to visit the Counseling Center.

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