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Better Life Through Technology

Christian Union of DeKUT (DeKUTCU)

The DeKUTCU is a registered society in Dedan Kimathi University of Technology under the office of Dean of Students through the University Chaplaincy. DeKUTCU operates within a vision and mission and is a church rooted in the word of God. It proclaims about God’s grace for the believers to lead a victorious life transforming nations to Christ image. Its mission is to fashion our members with understanding God and bring up a God’s people community who will readily reach out to make disciples, train and perfect the entire Kenyan community in the unity of the faith to form a transformative generation.

Weekly we perform the following:

  1. Morning devotions
  2. Friday and Sunday services
  3. Intercessory prayers
  4. Bible study meetings
  5. Discipleship classes
  6. Empowerment classes
  7. Evangelism meetings

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